Why does Rhino 5 take so long to start-up in comparison to Rhino 4


Since the upgrade to Rhino 5, I have noticed that the start-up of the programme takes exponentially longer than it would have taken with rhino 4. In a specific example, I have a 300MB file that takes 2 minutes to open in RH5. The computer that I am using is specified for CAD and uses an i7 Processor as well as a graphic card that is recommended by rhino with more than enough memory. The RAM in the PC also exceeds 8GB.

Is this just the way rhino works since the upgrade to V5 or is something wrong with my settings/PC??

I appreciate any comments!

Hi Johannes,

It might be related to a plugin loading. Are you using any non standard ones? The splash screen will also display what is loading in the lower left corner which may help to pin point which plugin is causing a delay. Another thought is that if this only happens with some 3dm files, like the one you mentioned, it might be the generation of the render meshes that you’re waiting for. For instance, if you had saved small to keep the file size down, the render meshes would be generated each time you open the file. Or is there a 2 minute wait regardless of the file or even when starting Rhino without a file?

Let us know if we can help more… Rhino 5 should open just as fast if not faster than 4 in my experience. Please also feel free to email tech@mcneel.com with any files that cause the issue or additional information. You can use www.rhino3d.com/upload for transferring large files to us too.

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Dear Brian,

Thank you very much for the swift reply. Indeed we have quite a lot of plug-ins that load when rhino starts, as for instance auxpecker, rhino gold, rhino jewel, t-splines etc. Deactivating some of them on start up has radically increased the start up time. The files are all saved normally. However, generating viewports does take quite a long time. And no, it does not take 2 minutes every time, the start-up time is related to the file size. Nonetheless the files take a lot longer to load than they would with rhino 4.

In any case, you helped a lot. Thank you.

The generating of the render mesh/drawing of the viewport when starting a file may also be slower due to the display mode features used combined with the model’s complexity. Rhino 4 did far less in the display which simplified what could or was done. For instance, The Technical display modes which include Artistic and Pen, will calculate hidden lines and silhouettes each time the file is opened with these modes set as the active display mode. You may also see longer wait times based on the GPU used and the size of the model if you are using viewport shadows such as seen in the default Rendered mode.

If you find that a specific plugin creates a slow launch of Rhino with a certain file, I’d also encourage you to let the plugin developers know about it and share the file if you can. They may be able to speed things up. Let me know if you need help getting in touch with any of them, I may know a direct contact to help.

BrianJ (or whomever has an answer!)

In general, I do find that Rhino 5 open very fast (on my desktop). I once wanted to view a file on my netbook, which handles wire-meshes just fine, but this time it choked on a file I am assuming because I had saved the file with an artistic render open in one of the viewports (3 viewports were opened). Is there a way to open a file and bypass all renderings of viewports (ie opting for a wire-mesh instead of waiting for the artistic render)? Is there a way of opening up a file in what could be seen as an equivalent of windows ‘Safe-Mode’ (all bells and whistles turned-off/ignored)?

Thank you so much for your attention to this question!

Try Import instead of Open. If the visible viewports are using wireframe you should be all set.

The Artistic and Pen views are derivatives of the Technical mode which needs to be calculated and does not save this information between sessions.

Makes sense! perfect!
Thank you for your prompt response!