Why does Patch has a 255 limit for Surface U & V Spans?

Why does Patch has a 255 limit for Surface U & V Spans?
Any way to have it go much higher?

What problem are you having you think this would solve?

Thanks for the prompt response.

I’m doing a topology mesh.
I know that according to another thread nurbs are not the best for this.
However, patch at 255 is giving a very good result, except that I wish I could go higher on that number to adjust better to the points.

I ended up doing patches in sections over the point cloud (not really a point cloud but the vertices of the polylines).
That way I was having 255x255 in smaller areas. But I can’t join them together afterwords.

The advice you received about NURBS surfaces being not the best for this use is excellent advice.
The smoothness of a NURBS surface would not only be inefficient, but also implies accuracy that does not exist.

Land topology is best represented by a mesh object.

I am aware of that.
I’d still want to use nurbs.

Any way to use patch with more than 255 U V spans?


Sorry, no. That’s how the command was designed and written.
There’s no way to change that without rewriting the command.