Why does Offset generate only one curve?

Why isn’t the native Offset component creating 2 curves in this situation like the Clipper plug-in offset is doing?

I have checked the API and indeed it says that

Offsets this curve. If you have a nice offset, then there will be one entry in the array. If the original curve had kinks or the offset curve had self intersections, you will get multiple segments in the output array.

Now that I think about it I have never gotten multiple outputs from a single curve offset in GH…
But GH is not the problem, not even Rhino does it right. Why?

offset.gh (16.6 KB)

It depends on the offset distance I think. If your distance number is bigger than one half of the shortest distance within your curve, it is not gonna to be able to offset successfully. You can try to make the distance number smaller, and then you could find the logic. I hope I can explain more clearly.

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I don’t think it has to do with any of that, I moved the slider and the offset practically randomly changes between left and right islands. It should always generate both.

I just ran into this problem (in GH) with the Offset Curve component, went for C# only to discover it had the same behaviour : only one part of the offset is retrieved.

It happens if you change the seam position, the result changes, which makes me think it’s the closest offset from the seam that is returned.

Any chance this could be fixed as described in the RhinoCommon description ?

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