Why does my tools not have everything in the drop down menu?

Why does my tools not have everything in the drop down menu? I am just starting to learn this and follow a class. When they go to tools and drop down they have several options. Mine has about a third. I cannot follow this class when the setup is not the same. How do I get all of the drop downs in all menus?

Can you please post a screenshot so we can tell what you’re seeing?

Thank you for responding. Here is a screenshot. I was trying to learn to from videos and my dropdown does not have nearly everything in the dropdown menu. Also, it says Rhino 6 automatically sets everything up as default. I also to not know how to get the command tools at the top to type things in.

I think you’re comparing the Mac Tools pull-down menu with the Windows Tools pull-down menu.
They are not the same. They look as you described.

Ohh got it. Thank you. Silly me. It’s hard to start a new program when everything looks so new. I will find different tutorials with mac version only and see if that helps.
Is there a way to get this whole top bar?

The Mac Rhino tutorials can be found here:


Thank you very much. I will take a look. That was very nice for you to help and respond quickly.