Why does material orentation change on a model when rendered in different face views ie: SE,NE NW and SW

when I apply a brick materials to a solid object it chages orientation around the obeject as it is revolved.
ie: Brockework is normlay laid lanscape (as it appears on the materials editor). However if I apply this to a multi sided object (for example a basic house shape with a roof) when I render a view, the four vertical walls have a mixture of landscape and portratit bricks on them. If I vire from another face ther chnage again wiht different faces lanscape and portrait. Its evne worse on roof tiles when applied ot sloping surface. I have a house shape with 5 meeting roofs and when I apply the same material (using “match”) to all roofs they vary in orientation from parallel to the roof top and perpendicular ot the roof top. How do I get this to from correctly. Have tried using the rotation option in the materila editor but this does not seem to make any difference ?


Hi Logikman - you may need to apply mapping to your objects, or use a texture that either does or does not use the WCS mapping, depending on what you want compared to what you’re getting. Can you post a simple example?


Hi Pascal

Please find attached a model and the source png files for the materials.

You see that on the render that different walls have different brick orientation even though they use the same material source.

There is also an interesting effect if you render with the west wing roof switched off.

On the nearest SW facing wall the bricks have come out in a mixed orientation with 1/3rd portrait and 2/3rds landscape ?


See screen grab below:





plot 2.3dm (3.4 MB)

Hello - see the attached file - I changed the material textures to be ‘WCS Box style’ Is that more what you have in mind?

plot 2_maybe.3dm (3.9 MB)


Many thanks Pascal

Works fine for the brickwork but not the sloping roofs ??