Why does MatchSrf give bad curvature?

The two surfaces I decided to connect to in G2, but I do not like the final curvature map. In some cases, I use the Average Surfaces option for a smoother curvature, but in this case it is useless. Why so?

Untitled.3dm (1.0 MB)

Hello - what, exactly, is bad about that curvature analysis display?
I can’t say I like the control point locations though, with Automatic.


Results of MatchSrf with Average surfaces option looks reasonable to me (Gaussian curvature display):

If you crank up the mesh then the edges along the Join are blended out, if that’s what you’re talking about.

The curvature map has sharp edges on the joint (a little). This is normal?

Keep in mind that the thing you are looking for, with respect to MatchSrf, is the continuity across the edges, not a perfect curvature analysis - that is not the same thing. In any case it is pretty much always possible to set numbers in CurvatureAnalysis that will look ‘bad’ if you set them small enough.


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Got it. Thank you!