Why does FitSrf not work for curves?

See, ChangeDegree (the tool in the Surface Tools or Curve Tools section) works for curves and surfaces (although the hint is “Change surface degree” or “Change Degree”). And FitSrf / FitCrv work only with the specified (defined) data type. The confusion turns out!

fitsrf and fitcrv both recalculate their respective object based on tolerance. It’s essentially a rebuild command

change degree affects the math (degree and point count) of the original surface or curve. Two completely different types of calculation going on…

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I guess the question is why not have one Refit command, like there is for ChangeDegree or Rebuild, that works on both curves and surfaces.


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fair question.

Right. But:

Also, I don’t like the “Change SURFACE degree” hint, it’s better to just “Change Degree”, since the tool also works for curves.