Why does Connectivity-DelaunayEdges in python produce a flat list?

how can I get a two-dimensional array using the command ghpythonlib. components.DelaunayEdges in python?dela.gh (10.5 KB)

You could implement the underlying Grasshopper.Kernel.Delaunay.Solver directly. That should give you explicit control of what’s going on (i.e. unlike the node-in-code namespace used in ghpythonlib.components):

import Grasshopper as gh
dc = gh.Kernel.Geometry.Delaunay.Solver.Solve_Connectivity(nodes,0.1,False)
dc.GetConnections(nodeIndex) # Get connections for a node at the index

Here’s a thread from the old Grasshopper forum that might help as well:

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thank you it helped me a lot

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