Why do the PlanarSrf have different colors?

Hi everyone,

I am a new Rhino user. For my class we have to build this box and build three PlanarSrf around it. I don´t understand why the three Surfaces have these coloros. E.g. The surface in the back is green and it´s because I made the layer green. But usually the surface because a light grey color, even though my layer has another color.
How can the three surfaces become grey again without me changing the color of each layer?

Thanks in advance

Hi Persia-Fatima,

Please see the Display Color dialog on your Object Properties Panel

Always try to upload a file so we have a better understanding of the conditions. Thanks!

G1c___.3dm (183.3 KB)

Thank you for your help. I just uploaded the file. Unfortunately, when I go to properties there is no category “object–> display color” :,(

You’ll need to select the object first.

Your objects are colored by layer, if you would like grey shading turn the layer colors to black.

You can control shading globally in the display options as well.

Duplicate the Shaded display mode to make your own, or be prepared to go back to default.

It worked !! Thank you so much