Why do some Lines not return an intersection with a mesh?

I am trying to project a set of points from a curve up to a mesh and i am finding i get very odd results. ie not the same number of points or they are distinctly in different places.

I started with the pull Point command but this moved the points too much.
I then tried project with the same outcome.
I then decided to created lines from the original points such they would intersect the mesh.
However when i create an intersection i only get about 70% of the points and i have no idea why.

Is this a problem with the mesh? can it be solved?
Would really appreciated advice on the best approach to this as this is a common problem when we are dealing with TIN surfaces and linear infrastructure projects

The Rhino file is a bit on the large side so i can’t upload/

Delineation_Fence_CRN_04.gh (29.0 KB)