Why do old topics keep coming to the top?

Just a quick update: the good people at Discourse are working on a fix for this bug.


Discourse has reported to us that they have fixed this issue.

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Does that mean it’s already in discourse.mcneel or that they have found and will fix it in some new release?

Saying this because I still get reply notifications when original posters decide to edit their posts.

The fix is already in. Note that this is only about us (McNeel) tracking topics by modifying a tag that is not visible to the users.

Could you post an example of this?

Here it is @wim:

Could you please post a link?

Dan’s post about fix: 2019-05-08 21:14
Latest post in your link: 2019-05-07 22:51

:smiley: come on @wim, do you really think Dan passed on the message from discourse immediately after they released the fix?

Ok, I’ll continue to report this when I get it.

In the mean time I have marked this as ‘solved’

I have seen no alerts about secret McNeel tags on this post since Dan’s message.

It might take some time for this fix to roll out (I’m just speculating) and caches might need to be cleared. Let us know if you are still seeing this say, this time tomorrow :wink:

That I can also confirm.

There you go @wim,

@Dancergraham made an edit on his original post and I get a reply notification:

Correction it was @stevebaer who made the edit:

Although the date is 26th April. So I don’t know what is indeed happenning.
Perhaps additional report of a bug @dan?

I don’t know. I guess I just have no idea what I’d report.

I’ve had a few of these over the last 24 hours … new alerts about old posts and /or old changes. Putting it down to rollout or something for the minute. The ´Solved’ tag stays… for now :slight_smile:


So in fact the notifications when moderators mark a thread has changed from Edit icon to Reply icon. I do not see how this is a fix.

I apologize. I don’t understand what is going on. Perhaps someone else here is seeing what you are seeing and can describe it from another angle and it will make sense to slow me.


Here is one.


Does the following explain the issue? Just happened again.

What you see in the first picture has an icon as if it is a reply to this very thread.
In fact it isn’t, just some moderator has marked the thread.

So in fact the previously declared fix by discourse has just changed the icon from ‘EDIT’ to ‘REPLY’. At least this is what it seems.

No - in this case, a reply was posted in that thread and immediately removed by an admin.
Nothing to worry about.