Why do old topics keep coming to the top?

I get this icon, relating to the original posting:

Thanks, @Dancergraham.

I take it that you mean this:

Our tagging system will, indeed, bring posts to the top. I tend to only check “New” and “Unread” and don’t pay attention to what’s on top in that list (with the disadvantage that when a user updates an existing post, that will go unnoticed by me).

Yes, but that’s not what’s causing you to get notifications on that one.

As a Regular, you modified the original post of that thread:
and I suppose that is what is causing you to get those update notifications.
Goes with the territory…


Hi @wim,

Can you push harder for this not to appear to us please?
This is really annoying.

Could you specify in which cases you are getting “balloon” notifications (as in the following picture) that are annoying?

Hi @wim,

The annoying part is that I want this (1) or whatever number to appear only according to my settings. If OP has bookmarked or liked a post in his thread I should not get notification. If McNeel staff has marked a thread I should not get notification.

I don’t want to click on my avatar and see that the notification is not something I can or want to see.

e.g. recently you’ve been marking pretty much all my threads. I assume you are building a knowledgebase and you find my threads interesting, so that if someone asks a related question you can give my thread’s links as example/answer. That’s fine, but I don’t want to see that. Unless I see what exactly it is that you’ve marked. Positive? Negative? Helpful? Disciplinary? Either all the information or no notification, simple as that.

This is not transparency

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Ahh yes and I think I must have added a Python tag to another so I get random updates about that one as well. It is a shame that the ‘Latest’ tab is distinctly unreliable due to this.

Here are the most recent examples @wim:

@behforouzk, did not reply, yet I got a notification that he did.
@stevebaer, simply marked my thread, yet I get a notification that he performed an edit.

We have an internal system of “unhandled” tags that we use to help us quickly track posts. It must be the removal of this tag that is messing with the notification system.

@dan, I thought we had this working so people weren’t getting notified, but maybe I’m just imagining the past. Is this a regression that we need to let the discourse team know about?

I think this is a bug. If it is indeed the case that the adding or removal of the unhandled tag bumps the topic even for those that do not see the tag (and I suspect you are correct that is what is causing this), I think we need to tell the good people at Discourse. I’ll point them to this topic.

UPDATE: I’ve asked the Discourse developers for some help with this.


Just a quick update: the good people at Discourse are working on a fix for this bug.


Discourse has reported to us that they have fixed this issue.

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Does that mean it’s already in discourse.mcneel or that they have found and will fix it in some new release?

Saying this because I still get reply notifications when original posters decide to edit their posts.

The fix is already in. Note that this is only about us (McNeel) tracking topics by modifying a tag that is not visible to the users.

Could you post an example of this?

Here it is @wim:

Could you please post a link?

Dan’s post about fix: 2019-05-08 21:14
Latest post in your link: 2019-05-07 22:51

:smiley: come on @wim, do you really think Dan passed on the message from discourse immediately after they released the fix?

Ok, I’ll continue to report this when I get it.

In the mean time I have marked this as ‘solved’

I have seen no alerts about secret McNeel tags on this post since Dan’s message.

It might take some time for this fix to roll out (I’m just speculating) and caches might need to be cleared. Let us know if you are still seeing this say, this time tomorrow :wink: