Why do I have to bake to print vector geometry?

In rhino’s print dialogue, raster seems to be the only option to print preview to pdf
This was handy in Rhino5. Some views & geometry would revert to raster but 2d geometry in plan would convert just fine. Even @andheum 's preview line-weights could be printed directly.

I actually already posted on this but since I was …erm… ignored, I’m giving it another go.

Can anyone confirm that this is not some setting I missed?
are there any plans or restoring this in the future?

I have never done anything special for printing. @stevebaer has something changed in the vector printing logic?

I just ran a quick test and was able to print grasshopper generated lines to PDF in vector. We’ll probably need a sample to help us figure out what the problem is.

Thanks, @DavidRutten & @stevebaer for forwarding and getting back to me.

Here’s a short demonstration of the issue comparing Rh5 & Rh6.

Sorry if it’s a bit long, I just feel the need to highlight how important retaining this feature is.

Also… find the script attached if it can be of any help.

GhPrintTest_Intzd.gh (14.2 KB) GhPrintTest.gh (9.7 KB)

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I printed you GhPrintTest_Intzd.gh to vector output on Rhino 6. Do you have any custom components installed? Just trying to think about what is different between your configuration and mine.

Whatever it is it doesnt seem to be a grasshopper addon. I cleared the special folders and restarted rhino but the problem persists.
I Just got a new laptop from work with a clean installation and miracolusly it is printing gh vectors!
I have no idea what is causing this. I compared all my desktop plugins with my laptop plugins and they match. so do my rhino options and print settings. I have run out of ideas.

If you also hace 3rd party plug-ins installed, it would be worth disabling them and restarting Rhino to see if that has any effect. Even if the same plug-ins are on two computers, they may be operating with a different saved state.

still no luck :cry:
I tested other PCs in the office with identical configurations. Some work, some don’t. Couldn’t recognise any pattern that would give away the cause.

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