Why do I get this error when I use packages 1. Error running script

Hi, I have a problem to run the script with using installed packages like scipy and numpy.

  1. Error running script: invalid syntax (traceback.py, line 590)

    How this can be solved?


Hi omdmr,

Can you run SystemInfo in the Rhino command line and post your results.

Does this work for you?

R8-ScriptEditor.gh (4.3 KB)

Hi @Japhy,
Doesn’t work either. It runs with no error before importing

Here you are
SystemInfo.txt (3.6 KB)


Ok, lets reset your python runtime from the scripteditor in Rhino, close Rhino and try again.

i’m on a slightly newer version, but lets try the reset first. Thanks

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Great! its working now.

but some package won’t restore in this editor like matplotlib… . I had to run cmd from Scripts folder and installing them by pip.


@eirannejad, @Japhy I think the error happens when I open Rhino 7 and grasshopper.
Every time I need to restart RH 8 and Python 3 after I opened RH 7

Hi omdmr,

Can you provide a screenshot or more detail on the error you are running into? Thanks