Why do grey lines get in front in black lines while exporting for print

So for some technical writing, I’m making 2D drawings (with “Make2D” option)
As you can see in my layer stack, some layers are “grey”, others are “black”
But for some reason when I press CTRL+P (Print) for easy PDF export, the grey lines always get in front of the black lines, which don’t make much sense to me, cause they are not showing like that in the workview and are below the black layers in the layer stack.

Any help with this?

Hallo -

Have you tried moving the gray lines to the back with the SendToBack command and then printing?
If that doesn’t work, please post a file that is giving you problems.

you are a hero!

I didn’t realize there was a command for that! Couldn’t find a solution or didn’t really know in what terms to start searching, even.

Still seems a bit strange the behavior is similar to let’s say PowerPoint, as there is already a layering system in Rhino which could act like layers in Photoshop. Maybe I use to much programs simultaneously :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help Wim!
Best regards,

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