Why do control point moves not UNDO

I am finding that if I turn control points on for a mesh and move one of those points to change the surface and then I decide I want to undo that step when I use the undo command the surface moves back but not the control point. Then if I turn control points off and on again, the control point whos move I undid is gone completly. Whats happening here is this a bug?


I cannot reproduce this on a simple mesh here. Could you post a file that exhibits that behavior?
Also, does that happen in any display mode (e.g. wireframe)?

I can’t see this happening either. The fact that when you undo, the mesh does undo the change, it’s just the control point that doesn’t move might suggest that it’s a display problem. Try deactivating your graphic card (Options > View > Opengl uncheck "use hardware accelerated modes) and see if that makes a difference.

Is the object a mesh, or is it a surface?

If the object is a mesh, the only way to “remove” a control point is to delete it with the delete key.
If the object is a surface, you can’t “remove” a single control point, you can only delete a whole row of points.

Is this a display issue where you just can’t see the point anymore? DoesRefreshShade help any?


Hi Lisa - are you running the latest SRs of Rhino? (SR 12 or 13) See Help menu > About Rhinoceros.