Why can't these surfaces be made into a solid?

It’s driving me crazy. The surfaces come from Maya and I’ve stitched and rebuilt them and gone over CV pairs at the the edges over and over and… I must be missing something. Any insights please?

RR3 rainfly volume1.3dm (165.8 KB)

They seem to Join up into a solid here? Whether I’d actually recommend that surface structure is another matter.

No Kidding? I’ve been selecting the whole thing and trying Solid -> Create Solid. Is that what you’re doing?

No, just the Join command. CreateSolid is a specialized command for where you have a bunch of surfaces that intersect each other to enclose a volume but need to be trimmed off to actually form a solid. For your normal “stitching” up of surfaces that are already within tolerance, that’s Join.

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Awesome! Thanks so much!