Why can't OBJ Morph

Sorry to bother you, may I ask why there is no doc. Objects. Morph function in RhinoCommon? Is there any other method to directly Morph OBJ without converting to GeometryBase, as sometimes the conversion results in Nulls, which can be a headache? Thank you.


Geometry Base is an abstract class, so instances cannot be created.

So,I think any class that inherits GeometryBase (Brep, Surface, Curve, etc.) can morph.
geometry base

Hello, my idea is to directly use Morph RhinoObject instead of GeometryBase. Thank you


If you are using RhinoCommon, I think it is not possible.

I think so. I’m really sorry to see such a function in C++. Thank you for your kind answer. Thank you very much.

Hi @Huang,

If you want to morph geometry, then inherit a class from SpaceMorph, or use one of the provided derived classes, and then call it’s SpaceMorph.Morph method.



– Dale

Hello, I’m sorry that I was busy with work and only now did I see your answer. I wanted to directly use Morph (RhinoObject) instead of Morph (GeometryBase). It was a question I expressed and I don’t quite understand English.

Hello, how can SpaceMorph obtain InPtr,Thank you first!!!

Sorry, I made a mistake. It’s IntPtr. I hope you can take some time out of your busy schedule to take a look at this unpopular issue. Thank you again.

Hi @Huang,

Can you explain what you are trying to do and why?

What is your native language?


– Dale

Hi @dale Thank you for your reply. I wanted to do some Cage instructions, but after researching for a few days, I found that RhinoCommon couldn’t do it. Therefore, I used Moose’s example to use C++DLL, which is now running. I hope to see Cage publicly available in RhinoCommon in the near future. Thank you for your busy schedule