Why can't I use a number slider for the member component of member index?

I am trying to use a number slider to select a member from a list using the member index component, but for some reason I keep receiving an error.

in the image I attached I basically want to replace the x value panel that says 10 with an even number slider.

Any help would be great.


Don’t use a panel, use a Series component to generate your set and a slider to chose the member. The panel introduces floating point differences.

Also see:

@o.ismail, please don’t double-post.

thanks for the response, but I realized that I could also connect a number slider to a panel then connect the panel to the member index to fix the issue.

sorry about that, it wasn’t intentional, I thought it would be more appropriate to pose the question as a new topic and I didn’t think to delete the question in the other topic.

I’ll be more careful in the future.