Why can't I convert my file in .dae format?

This file here contains all the geometry. I need to convert this file into .dae format so that i could load it in lumion but for some reason i cant do it and it shows a pop up. Its quite a heavy file and is not clean but still.

Using a hacked version of Rhino is generally not supported - when the binary is patched we don’t know what functionality is affected. You should get a valid license and install a proper Rhino version.

That said:

Don’t use any of the following characters in material names, texture names, environment names , name views, block definition names and layer names: chevrons (<, >), ampersands (&), plusses (+), pipes (|), pounds (#) and such. Safest is to stick to ASCII + numbers + spaces + dashes + underscores + dots + commas.

Let me know if it works with all the names changed to conform to the safe character set.