Why cannot join these 2 curves - driving me mad!

hh.3dm (42.1 KB)

Run ShowEnds on the lower curve (the one that is not highlighted in your image). You will see the ends are not where you expect. Explode, SelDup you will find 2 extra segments that shouldn’t be there, which make the curve fold back on itself. Delete those and join up.

dup curve causing issuer, thank you… what a knob i am

When stuff doesn’t join as you think it should the first thing to check is to see if the ends really meet. The first possibility is that the the curve is in 3D and although it seems that the ends meet from say, Top view, that in Perspective view you see that they are separated in Z… But by far the most common occurrence with polyline type curves is that there is an extra segment on there and that the end is not where it’s supposed to be. First thing to check.

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thank you - love this forum… very helpful people!