Why are the Rhino/GH templates in VS roaming?


Are you using this?


– Dale

Thanks for the reply @dale,

No, I don’t think so. I have no recollection installing this. Unless it is part of VS2019 somehow.

I assumed Rhino and GH templates are simply not supported by VS2019 and got left in the limbo “roaming” until they are :smiley:.

I don’t believe anyone (here) has installed VS2019.

You can still get VS2017…

I prefer not to downgrade, thanks.

I took one of my old startup projects (while I was with VS2017) and stripped it down to mimick a template. I’ll use that one, though I do not know what do I have to change between the projects. I assume the GUID but is that enough?

Yep, the assembly GUID for sure. The plug-in name and any command names too.

– Dale

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Thanks Dale