Why are simple 2D fillets not connecting correctly?

I am feeling like I’ll end up embarrassed I asked this question - but: I can not figure out why simple 2D fillets don’t connect. The lines are all on the same plane. The lower gap measures .0035, and the one at the top measures .0005. This is not the first time the fillet command has done this. What am I missing?

So long as I’m asking about really basic things…
What is up with my trim command?
Jing here: https://www.screencast.com/t/2kHWerkUN9Ky

Maybe my computer is bad at math…

What are your document tolerances?

? We build gate and fences, so our working tolerance is pretty loose, but I am not used to CAD having permission to not be dead nuts…

It seems like a tolerance issue to me. Try setting them to something like this.

Well - who’da thunk there was a control for that! How the hell did it get set so loose? I just bumped the decimal one place to the left. Thanks!