Why are my filleted edges ending up inside my model?

As you can tell, I am a real newbie. Why do my Filleted Edges end up inside my model? The radius is bigger than the fillet I am asking for. I have used FilletEdge with success before. Confused :frowning:

Hi Geokov- probably there is no clean way to end the thing with the edges you’ve selected - the fillets are made but cannot be trimmed in - can you post the model?


It’s a bit embarrassing to upload such a newbie model but here it is. The filleting is just on the last hole in the handle on this version. For some reason I keep getting the fillet edge inside most of the edges I try them on. I have done tutorials on filleting and done fine, it’s just my own model that seems to be the problem. :frowning:knife_copy_up.3dm (489.7 KB)

Hi Geokov- do you want that fillet to travel all the way around the knife or just be on that one edge? In any case, there are a few things to tune up in this model, I’ll see if I can post back something helpful in a little while. I’d model this with an absolute tolerance of .001, BTW, .01 is too large in this case.

Here’s a file with some notes - this does not directly answer your fillet question, partly because I do not know where the fillet is supposed to start and end, but it might help in setting up clean curves that will make eventual filleting easier.

knife_copy_up_PG.3dm (555.8 KB)



Thank you so much for being so generous with your help, I really appreciate it. I’m going to go back and repair all the problems that you have pointed out and then see how the filleting goes. It varies around the different edges. I’m also going to do a few more tutorials.