Why are box face normals not all-inwards or all-outwards?

If I had to guess, I think the reconstruction of the vector is not quite right. If you plug the out from the box directly into the Mesh Normals component, I would bet it is correct.

You are casting a face as a vector which in theory could work but it is not great to rely on auto casting as they are mostly guesses which have to cover many cases, whatever the interpretation is from surface to vector seems not right there. (not saying it shouldn’t work, i’m sure casting logic could be improved in cases like this)

Better to be specific as possible in your intent, in which case a method like this works.

boxNorms.gh (6.3 KB)

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Oh I understand, so when the face is transformed as plane to get the normal (z) vector somehow RhinoCommon is messing it up.

Good to know, I’ll use evaluate surface from now on.
Thanks Michael