Who uses the Options > Object snaps settings

Hi, All

In the Rhino Options > Modeling Aids, there are two settings that I don’t understand the need for:

  • Disable object snaps
  • Project object snaps to CPlane

Does anybody use these?
The only purpose I can see is to make sure they are always off when you create a new file.
They are much more obvious in the Osnap control and can be turned off there.

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I certainly don’t toggle them from Rhino -> Options (I use noecho 'DisableOsnap T and noecho 'ProjectOsnap T respectively). However, before my vote is counted as a “take them out”, Options has a whole mess of stuff that probably could be streamlined, but would need a bit more thought on how to do it elegantly. To illustrate this, on the same page grid snap, ortho (the enable / disable toggle, the angle setting should stay), and planar could come out using the same logic that people probably don’t toggle them much via options. So I’m not sure frequency of use should be the only acid test as to what is in options, but I welcome the idea of an options cleanup.




Since we have the new Settings Editor, I think there might be quite a number of options that can be removed from the dialog box pages.

Any opinions are welcome.

Right, I think this is the useful part. I don’t think we should remove these personally… unless they cause an issue I’m unaware of and that outweighs the ability to customize templates.

Hi Margaret,

I never use them from there, only from the Osnap toolbar.
For me they can be migrated to the Settings Editor.

I cannot imagine to draw without having “Project object snaps” enabled in 2D Views (Top, Front, Right, …), whereas in Perspective view I mainly disable it.
I would wish to have a setting possibility, that in 2D views the Project object snap is automatic enabled, whereas in Perspective it goes disabled. To often I forget to manually switch between the states when changing view working and this often results in a wrong third dimension…

As Willem already told, I also just use Osnap toolbar doing that. Sometimes it’s necessary to work with disabled object snap also.