Who knows what this error means?

I have an insert file as a reference into my main file. Everytime I open my main file this dialog box pops up. Is there a way I can stop this box from popping up everytime I open the file?

I’m no expert, but I’ll venture a guess.

Somewhere along the way, the history records in one of your (two?) files got corrupted and you’ve lost the ability to use them.

If your only goal is to avoid this dialog, and unless the history you created is vital to what you’re doing (in which case someone more knowledgeable will hopefully answer), I would recommend just opening each file, doing a HistoryPurge All, turning off history and then saving each one (maybe doing a save as to give yourself something to go back to).

Thanks for the suggestion defterGoose but unfortunately that didn’t work. It seems like there is no history recorded when I go and purge all history.

Hi Meng- looks like you’ll need Rescue3dmFile to save as much as you can from this file.


Hi Pascal,
I ran the command and I found the errors but how would I go about fixing it. Or is this something that can’t be fixed?

Hi Meng- the command lets you attempt to recover the file by reading in what it can - you need to watch the command line: Recover then ReadAll… see what happens.


Here’s what it reads on the command line when I select Recover then ReadAll:
“End of archive at offset -2044777153”. I’m not sure what this means.

Hi Meng- I don’t have too much hope for this file… but can you send it to us via tech@mcneel.com?