Who is that 'system' bot and why does s/he change my posts?

Yes I had that recently. The system automatically removes the quote if you quote the entire preceding post.

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Kind of sucks, that bot needs re-configuration.

This bot is getting on my nerves! :angry:


I think this is because your reply is directly below the message you are replying to, hence quoting is not necessary

As the text says, if you quote the entire post, that gets deleted.

I understand that Wim but that bot should be re-configured. If the previous post has a certain (small) length its quoting should not trigger the bot. Sometimes to make a clear answer you have to quote the whole previous post.

McNeel has no control over that I suspect, that is a function of Discourse…

I suppose so, that is why it is in the ‘meta’ section. But perhaps there is a parameter in the source that can modify this behavior, accessible to McNeel.

See my link above :

We added a site setting
which lets you disable that feature if you don’t like it. Also, the edits by system shouldn’t bump the topic to the top of the Latest topic list anymore.

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Thanks @Dancergraham - at this point I think I like the feature, even though @ivelin.peychev may not.

We humans read things sequentially, and if the quote is identical to the previous one, context should make this clear. I’m not really following this conversation carefully, but I deleted the period from the quote above, maybe it will stick. Plus

You’re welcome Brian! I’m ambivalent about it really. I think it depends on the context whether removing the quote makes the whole thread more readable or more confusing.
An expert user like @ivelin.peychev can always fool the bot by making a tiny edit to the quote. :innocent: (though he would prefer not to have to)

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Hi @brian,

I don’t mind if the quote is deleted if the previous post is 10-20+ lines long, that definitely helps the readability of the thread. However, in cases where more than one user is involved, and when more than one sub-conversations are happening in the same thread (that happens a lot), quotes are very important.

If the quote is a single line then what is the point in deleting it?

Also one case I recently had:
Sometimes when you click reply to the last thread the person who you have replied to is not notified, and if that person hasn’t marked the thread as “Watching” (as it happened to me). He may not know he was asked a question.
I replied to a thread with 3 months delay because of this issue. If the guy have quoted me, or @ me or if the bot has not deleted the quote that issue would not happen.

Ok, I’ve turned off the bot… somebody else holler if it’s worse having it back the old way.


So it can but just on or off? Can’t be tuned depending on quote length?

The other thing I noticed is the quote itself shrinks to a certain number of lines, is that cusomizable?

It’s just on or off.

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