Who does it know how to use revit.RhinoInside?


I am a frequent revit and dynamo user. We want to implement RhinoInside! Who does have practical expierence and want present it in an onlinemeeting? We are community of german Architects (BIM - Allianz) and we help each other the get newest topics. if you speak german it would be perfect.

If you intrested just write me a personal message.



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Hi Andreas,

If you find someone, please let me know since I am also interested in this topic, I am also a German Architect, and I was involved in a few projects recently where we had to transfer data from Revit to Rhino and back. We tried out different commercial plugins with some success, but until now I was not able to get first hand experience with Rhino inside Revit.

Best Regard

Andreas (yes, my name is also Andreas :wink: )

Hi Andreas,

Since Rhino.Inside Revit was already released, we are now able to make a proper presentation to the BIM - Allianz members.

What would be the best date & time? I guess doing it in English is not a problem.


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