Who builds Capri tents

I have been asked by Citroen to build the fabric for a Capri tent for events but have never built one so I had to turn it down. does anyone here build them ? I would like to learn how to model one in Rhino so if they ask again I can be ready.


Can you share an example image of the style of tent you need to build? Maybe I can help?


size etc is not really important as this would be a training come practice job for me right now, but something like this .

I’m off on holiday for a week tomorrow but will try to follow the forum while i’m away. .

or this

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Is this a paid addon after trial ? i’m not actually making any money from this right now i’m just learning in case I get asked again. With my skill level that could take some time :slight_smile:

You could also give Kangaroo (in Grasshopper) a go (both free). We’ve used it extensively for developing membrane structures (latest one here). It might be a bit intimidating at first, but there are many examples of form finding tensile/membrane structures with Kangaroo here and on the old Grasshopper3D forum (see for instance Daniel’s own examples).


Thank you @AndersDeleuran that is a very complicated looking structure, too much for my skills :slight_smile: I have made a total of 3 covers for boats using Rhino so far and have not even looked at Grasshopper yet but will make some time to try it … thank you

Hah, yes indeed it was! I would start with going through these examples first:

thank you I will look at those , I was meant to be on holiday today but that doesn’t seem to be working out right now.
what material is good for tensile structures ? I usually use Acrylic canvas, topgun etc. the usualy textiles for boats.