Which rhinoscriptsyntax functions do you need to have implemented next?

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Just script the ViewCaptureToFile command using rs.Command.

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RH-41282 is fixed in the latest WIP

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I would like to see rhinoscriptsyntax functions for splitting and trimming surfaces using a curve (or curves) on the surface (instead of using a brep as is used in the SplitBrep() and TrimBrep() functions). The functions could be something like:

SplitSurfaceByCurve(surface_id, curve_id)
TrimSurfaceByCurve(surface_id, curve_id, point)

Where surface_id is the guid of the surface to be split/trimmed, curve_id is the guid (or list of guids) for the cutting curve(s), and point is a 3d point on the surface indicating which portion to delete during trimming. The SplitSurfaceByCurve function wouldn’t have to be much more than a wrapper around the RhinoCommon Brep.Split method, but would hopefully be easier to use for those who aren’t as familiar with RhinoCommon.

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Reported: RH-41493

Late to the party here, but @piac I do not see rs.IsExtrusion anywhere… Thx, --Mitch

Thanks, reported: RH-43346.

Adding to the list:


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Hi Giulio,


Also please have a look at this:

I am no longer in charge of this, but I reported these:




Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Bump on rs.ObjectTopGroup…

First asked for here in 2014


Hi Mitch, Fyi, I added the function and some notes to the YT item

Thanks @Alain ! (I understand the limitations of this function, yes…)