Which rhino users should use rhino compute

I am confused with some terminology about rhino products.

Base on my knowledge so far, no sure I am right. Hope some one can current me.

  1. Single license allows installation and runs on one single local computer.
  2. Zoo allows installation on many computers but only runs on one of them at a time.
  3. Lan zoo allows to run on many machines simultaneously under a local network.
  4. Rhino compute installed on a server and allows users to run Rhino via the internet.

Hi -

We call this the CloudZoo. You can have multiple licenses in a Rhino account or team and you can run as many Rhino instances at the same time as you have licenses.

You can only run as many instances of Rhino simultaneously as you have licenses in the LAN Zoo.

It doesn’t really allow a user to run Rhino as there is no GUI involved. It allows applications to do geometry calculations through a REST API.

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