Which Rhino 6 information is not saved in Rhino 5 format?


A very good question of a customer is about backwards compatibility. What information is lost when someone saves a Rhino 6 files as Rhino 5 format?

Which info will be lost?




Some history - whatever additions have been added to V6 like BlendSrf etc.;
FilletEdge “editing”;
V6 materials;
Any of the “rich text” features in text blocks and dimensions…


Thank you Michael and Mitch,

This is valuable info to inform customers who work together with others that (still) work in V5.
I can imagine the fear that information is lost when saving as V5.

@pascal Anything more?

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Gerard - what Mitch and Michael listed is what comes to my mind so far…



Thanks Pascal!

I have good faith then that this will be it.