Which Rhino 6 information is not saved in Rhino 5 format?

A very good question of a customer is about backwards compatibility. What information is lost when someone saves a Rhino 6 files as Rhino 5 format?

Which info will be lost?


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Some history - whatever additions have been added to V6 like BlendSrf etc.;
FilletEdge “editing”;
V6 materials;
Any of the “rich text” features in text blocks and dimensions…

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Thank you Michael and Mitch,

This is valuable info to inform customers who work together with others that (still) work in V5.
I can imagine the fear that information is lost when saving as V5.

@pascal Anything more?

Hi Gerard - what Mitch and Michael listed is what comes to my mind so far…


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Thanks Pascal!

I have good faith then that this will be it.