Which Python Framework is best for Rhino?

Hello All, Can anyone tell me as a rhino developer which python framework is best to work on service-based app and websites between flask, django, Web2pym, Dash, and TurboGears?

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking. What is the role of Rhino and what is the role of your service-based app/website?

Whatever you put on the server is irrelevant if you are then developing a tool in Rhino that uses that service. On the server you’d use what you’re most comfortable with writing your server software with. Personally I have used Django most for that followed by flask.

On Rhino side you would probably be using regular urllib or something similar to make the service requests. Depends really mostly on what kind of API you’re using. If you do a ReST API you’ll want JSON.

But that is all guessing without understanding what it is you want.

Thanks, I have asked this same question on another forum also and some of them suggest me django and flask with the help of this framework list.


Depending on what you are doing you could also consider Fast API as a Flask equivalent with added features and safety based on type hints. It is also async friendly which may helpful if it spends lots of time waiting for Rhino / other api calls.

It is relatively new but is already the third most popular python web framework behind Django and Flask