Which laptop is better suited for running rhino

I’m looking at getting a new laptop with touchscreen. Any suggestions on which I should get?

Is Lenovo Yoga C640 a good option?

Regarding the specs, I’d rather say no. The lack of a dedicated GPU and the rather weak CPU (> 2 GHz) are a dead giveaway. These kinds of ultralight notebooks are geared more towards normies for web browsing, emails, etc.
You need something with more horsepower for a good CAD and CG experience.


I agree that this is definitly not a suited CAD laptop.
However I wonder if an onboard Intel UHD nowadays is sufficient to run Rhino? Because, if we talk about pure surface modelling, the demands for Rhino are actually not that high!

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I have a friend who has a MacBook Air, which has no dedicated GPU, and Rhino runs, but even surface modelling can be laggy at times.

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