Which files contain personal preference data of Rhino?

I would like to know which files contain my preference data like UI setting, Alias and Keyboard and all other things.
My computer rebooted while using Rhino.
Every personal preference data had gone, Rhino started anew (Plugins are still there). I had to set all my Alias Keyboard, Display mode and all other settings again.

I like to upload them to the cloud automatically, so this pain will not find me next time.


Are they here? The files here are not small. Can anyone tell me which ones I should save?

Normally they are in the settings folder you show above in the file called settings-Scheme__Default.xml. In V7, that file should have all your customizations except for toolbar stuff. Backing it up somewhere is a good idea.

There is also the window_positions-Scheme__Default.xml which stores the various window positions.

If you have created any custom schemes (most people haven’t), you might have more than one of these.

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