Which components can model such a texture?

I hope you realize that the last time @Runnie posted in this thread was nearly five years ago? (Jun '15)

Also, it will be infinitely easier for anyone to help you if you post your GH model:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Hi Joseph, Thank you for your reply. I understand that it is an old topic and people including Runnie haven’t been posting for 5 years… :smiley: However, I am still interested in the subject and need help :slight_smile: Please see my files attached.
zaha vase pattern.3dm (170.3 KB) zaha vase1.gh (24.2 KB)

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In Kangaroo Physics it says the invalid node type was connected to the dynamic input, Check item 0. And to me it seems correct. Normal Mesh as Runnie was using. I tryed different pypes of meshes from flat planes and simple curved ones to more complex and refined but it still says the samw. And the code is not running. I am totally stuck here. :grimacing:Could you please advise what seems to be the problem. Thank you…