Where's Layer On in this Detail Only?

I’m really missing this option. Is it still there?

Hi Andrew -

Yes, that functionality is still there.
With a detail active, RMB-click on the lightbulb in the Detail On column.
Note that there are now two different lightbulb columns - the global on-off and the space-specific on-off. Personally, I’ve moved my space-specific lightbulb column right after the layer name to have easy access to this layer property.

Thanks, I see it!
I like the new functionality :slight_smile:

What’s the reason to have those options under the lightbulb rather than the RMB on the layer name like before?

Hi @Andrew.
The option is isolated to the Layout/Detail visibility and when you are in a detail this is the place where it applies.
I drag the Layout/Detail visibility column down next to the global visibility for convenience. This is persistent and the new location is remembered.
The icons are different, with the Detail having four corners in the icon.

There is more functionality than Rhino 7 had:
Both right click menu items Off in Selected Details Only and On in Selected Detail Only have submenus

  • “This Layout”
  • “All Layouts.”

Here is a short video.
You can rearrange the layer columns to what works best for you.
Again I like globally and detail columns adjacent.
On lin Detail Options

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Support