Where to set the default template file in the Registry?


an admin asks us: Where to set the default template file for Rhino 7 in the Windows Registry?



Hi Michael -as far as I know it is not in the registry - I’ll verify - but it is in


However, the way that file is used, it will not be in the settings unless it is something different than the default, which is none - that is it is in the settings file once it is actually set by the user. Mine is like this, with large parts of the setting xml file removed here so you can see the hierarchy.

<settings id="2.0">
    <child key="Options">
      <child key="FileSettings">
key="DefaultTemplateFile">C:\Users\pasca\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Localization\en-US\Template Files\Small Objects - Millimeters.3dm

Does that help?


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thank you for the answer. I think this should do it. I will test it.
Is it possible to install a plugin the same way?

Thnak you again.

Best regards
Oliver Götz

Hi Oliver -

No, but I imagine that the way to do so will depend on the plug-in involved. Are you looking at a specific plug-in?

Hello Wim,

thank you for your answer.
I already found a way to import the needed plugins in the installation process by creating some RegKeys. This works like a charm.
The other thing with the predefined Template File is unfortunatly only half way working.
If i copy the settings-Scheme__Default.xml file, with specified Template-File configured (as described above) in the right localtion in each userprofile, this file will be overwritten by the first time start of Rhino. It looks like so. I need to test this more. But if you have some more tips around this “problem” please let me know.

Thank you again.

Best regards
Oliver Götz