Where to search for missing Rhino session files?

Hi, almost embarrassed to ask… but I have a few older session files missing, no luck finding them via Search in Windows 10, what file path should they be listed under? They’re all .3dm files correct?


Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re after.
Is it the old Autosave files you’re after?
Unless you disabled, it, Rhino makes an autosave file every 20 minutes or so. When they are deleted and replaced, they land in the Windows Recycle Bin.

If that’s not what a “session file” means to you, can you please describe it futher?

Sorry, Im talking about the actual .3dm files, represented by the Black Rhino icons. Thx

Rhino 3DM files are saved to whatever folders you choose to save them in.
Most users create a folder structure to keep jobs and clients in separate folders, then make regular back-ups while the project is current and then move them off to Archives when the project is complete.

I’m still apparently not understanding your question.

It’s ok, I found the missing files. Thx