Where is tool Adjust Curve End Bulge as in this tutorial?

I wish to move my 2nd CV along its line using nudge

http://www.studiorola.com/portfolio/rhino-3d-manipulating-tangent-curve-part-2/ shows the tool I need, but I have looked in the top menu drop down list, also in the Curve Tools tab as well as toolset at left, very carefully.

Cant find it anywhere

typed Adjust Curve etc and nothing in help, unknown command.


Hi Steve - the command is EndBulge, in the menus as Edit > Adjust end bulge, in the toolbars in ‘Point Edit’


Cheers Pascal,
someone decided to change the name of it ?

Nudge keys dont work though, probably because nudge is ortho and the tangent line isnt, any advice there as to how to best incrementally nudge it along its tangent axis/line ? I have nudges set to 0.02 and 0.01 on ctrl arrow and shift arrow