Where is the problem, that this is still an open polysurface?

I can’t figure out where is the problem in my model? Can you please have a look and tell me how you did it? I mean how you checked it? open051812.3dm (137.8 KB)

There is a command ShowEdges. Run it on your object. then you see 2 purple points. Thats where your surface is Open.
Fix.3dm (140.2 KB)

Use the command “TestRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops”

Then it’s ‘all fixed’


@ChrisK Nice Command :slight_smile: Why is this not a normal command but still a test Command xD.

It’s a McNeely thing. At least the command works, you just need to know about it.

I think I’ve got a list of all the ‘test’ commands, but not supposed to let that be known…