Where is the new topic on windows computer

I have it on my phone , but dont see it on computer running windows10----Mark

it’s not at top-right for you?
that’s where it’s at for me:

(though i’m almost certainly misunderstanding your question :wink: )

Had to answer my own question. Wasn’t signed in. I will get back with an inquiry after signing in- Mark

lol… that’ll do it. glad you figured it out. :thumbsup:

Now I’m temporarily locked out, so will have to wait a while. -Mark

ok in the screen shot I was wanting the dimensions to be seen horizontally. is there a way to get this ?
what I did to get this was the existing ones.explode, rotate them and hatch the arrows.@pascal any help would be appreciated—Mark

i’m on mac but if this option is on mac, it’s almost certainly on windows:

in the dimensions settings, “Text alignment: Horizontal to view”

Thanks Jeff, will look for it.