Where is the default folder for ARQ style?

Hi dear!
The VisualARQ works fine to me but yesterday it lost all the style for walls, and doors and windows.
I wish to find where is the folder for autosave the style? Or I can copy the .val files from other people
all I need to know is the location for ARQ stle
I would love to copy all the *.val files for a copy just incase
Thank you !

Hi @Bowen_Lou,
The styles you create or you work with are saved in the document. You can export them to a .val file with the vaStylesExport command, but there is no “autosave” for that .val file.
Just in case, make sure you are not running VisualARQ in “free” mode, because then you couldn’t save VisualARQ objects or styles anymore. VisualARQ runs in “free” license mode when the evaluation period has expired.

Remember that anytime you start a new document from a VisualARQ template, you will be able to use the VisualARQ object styles library. There are the .val files for the VisualARQ templates stored in the following folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AsuniCAD\VisualARQ 1.9\RHINO5x86\English\Libraries
Best regards,

Hi fsalla:
Thank you for you advise! Now I have tackled all problems. Merci!