Where is renderedShadows mode?



In the Elephorm Training DVD, Vanessa Steeg from MacNeel demonstrates the renderedShadows mode in Rhino 5 beta.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find it in the final release.

Did I miss something or did it simply vanish in the final product?


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Rhino 5 SR5, French localization, WXP up-to-date

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Didier- Rendered Shadows is incorporated into Rendered in the final releases.



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your quick reply. I am sorry, but that’s not clear for me. In the perspective viewport local menu, Rendered has no options, it seems it’s the same that in Rhino 4 (AFAIK, as I never used Rhino before).

Or do you mean I have to perform a rendering? In this case, that’s no more a viewport mode.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Didier- Rendered display mode in released V5 has shadows. In some older tutorials made with the beta, there is Rendered mode (V4 style, no shadows) and separately from that, Rendered Shadows for users who want the shadows. Does that make sense with what you see?


(Brian James) #5

Hi Didier,

Rhino 5 has docked areas called ‘Panels’ which will give tons of control over display modes and more. Here’s a video tutorial http://tips.rhino3d.com/2013/02/materials-environments-and-more.html The Display panel to the right side (little flat screen icon) will for instance have a check box for ‘shadows’ when an active viewport is in Rendered mode.



That’s clear now, but that’s not what I see.


I’ll have a look ASAP to see if I can fine tune the controls.

I guess it’s a limitation of the emulated video card, as I am running a VMware virtualised XP on my Mac.

Many thanks to both of you.


(Vanessa Steeg) #7

Hi Didier,

There are apparently quite a few display issues running Rhino on VMware, so you might be loosing V5’s realtime display capabilities.

Yes, indeed the name changed from RenderedShadows to Rendered. At the time I did the DVD, we had frozen the interface and no more changes should have taken place, but Rhino was almost a year from release and a few things did change or got enhanced after all.

If you see something you don’t understand or doesn’t correspond to what you’re seeing, don’t hesitate to contact me (vanessa at mcneel.com).


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(Brian James) #8

The emulator is probably causing Rhino to default to the onboard graphics… I bet it’ll say ‘GDI generic’ which essentially means no fancy display stuff allowed. Check Options>Rhino Options>View>OpenGL to see what GPU Rhino is able to use. If you want to run Windows Rhino on a Mac, the best way is through a bootcamp partition. Here’s a link to the Rhino system requirements too… http://www.rhino3d.com/new/admin#system


Thanks for your feedback. Not a big issue, as most functions are running smoothly on the Mac. I prefer losing some advanced functions and run a virtualised PC in a Mac environment rather than having to switch between bootcamp and Mac OS.

Merci Vanessa! Excellent DVD. Kudos

All the best,