Where is dropdown button for Check now?

Hi there.

I have never been dropdown button for change “Service Release Candidate” to “Service Release” in the Update frequency.
Do you know the reason?

I’m going to hazard a guess that it has to do with fonts. I notice you have a different local in the date so you may not have the character as a standard font.

What happens when you click on the area that the button should be?

I have never seen the button in Rhino V5 SR0, SR1, SR7.
Anyway, I could not change it. Dropdwonbutton.zip (5.1 MB)

Hmm- I do not know… @brian, got an idea?


It looks like you are running Korean Windows with English Rhino, is that correct? Are you using large fonts in Windows?—
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Yes. I’m using Rhino in Korean Windows 7.

No. I’m not.
WindowsConfig.zip (3.9 MB)

This is apparently a known bug that we haven’t fixed yet. To work around the problem, click in the drop-down box with the text “Service Release” and use the down arrow key on your keyboard to change it to “Service Release Candidate”, then click OK.

Thank you.