Where is document settings? in V6 & V7?

In version 5 i would right click the blue ball to get document properties… can I please ask the shortcut now in v6/7
at the moment i have to type Document Properties…

silly question I am sure to some but these little things!

File menu > Properties or Tools menu > Options… or Standard toolbar > Sprocket icon


thank you!

i never realy have or take the time to go through all new options/changes… client deadlines prevent this… so I just end up in V5 as I can work fast with workflow i have used for years

This is not new… DocumentProperties and Options have been together under the ‘sprocket’ button since like V1.1 or V2…

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sure BUT in v5 i could right click the blue ball icon (render) and they would come up… changed in 6/7 hence my question

Yes - in V5 the macro for the RMB on the ‘blue ball’ button was:

! _DocumentPropertiesPage

In V6 it was changed to

! _-Rendering _ShowPanel _Toggle _Enter

I guess because the render settings were added as a panel in V6.

You can of course change your macro back to the V5 one if you want.

thank you - please can you remind how to do this?

With only one instance of Rhino open:

  • Shift+right click on the button to open the editor.
  • Replace the V6/V7 macro with the V5 macro above and OK to confirm.
  • To be sure, go to Options>Toolbars and from the File menu, choose SaveAll.

thank you - works perfect