Where is 'Apply Edge Softening'?

This may sound like a super beginner question, but i’m learning rhino with a certain book, which showcases rhino for windows…that may be the reason why i’m not able to find ApplyEdgeSoftening command. Please help :grin:

i’m using rhino 5.0 for mac, last updated october 3rd

ApplyEdgeSoftening is not available on the Mac version.

well that’s just great…thanks for the tip

will it be available?

Here is the list:

But the list doesn’t answer her (valid) question.

The list actually says that questions about those specific missing commands should be posted right here.

The list includes the commands that are not in Mac Rhino.
I see it was updated for the additions in 5.1.

We do not have specific dates when these features will be added.
I suspect the display trick tools like ApplyEdgeSoftening will not make it into the V5 codebase for a variety of technical reasons.

I best guess is they will be added when Mac Rhino moves to V6 but that is just an experienced guess at this point.

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[Brian discusses that here.][1]
[1]: Display Mode features and ApplyEdgeSoftening

Brian was quoted as saying that Applyedgesoftening command will be handled in a point release. If he was talking about V5 or V6 that is unclear. :smile:

If it can be done in a point release, that would be in the current 5.x run.
I thought I heard there was a developer tool that was needed and not in the V5 codebase. Perhaps I’m remembering incorrectly.