Where does Rhino store application data?

Hi, I’ve upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemity with a clean install.

This has caused me to lose all my settings in Rhino. I cannot find a way of getting my old settings back. I’ve tried copying Application Support files and tried copying the Preference files.

My old viewport settings that I had so carefully designed also disappeared… Is there a way to find back my old settings?


i don’t think you can (any longer) just replace a .plist with another…

if you have a copy of your previous rhino .plist, best bet might be to restore it using terminal as outlined here:


that said, i imagine there may be some sort of mismatching that could occur between rhino under mavericks and yosemite?

Hi Jeff, just wanted to let you know that putting back an old plist file to restore settings can be a bit difficult on Yosemite (and maybe Mavericks too)…

I have found out that this works for deleting both the prefs and the cached prefs:

But, when you then put in the old backed-up prefs file in the correct directory, I noticed that I had to quit the following process in the activity monitor:

After killing the process, quickly paste the plist file into the dir and then you will see cfprefsd pop up again after a couple of seconds. Then when you open up the software, it will use the desired plist file instead of using an empty one.

Found this out when reading this thread:

It is somewhere in the comments down below.