Where does layer state file get saved to?



I saved my complex off on visibility etc layers using layer state command.

It doesnt tel you where its saved to.

I go back there to restore it and its gone, I go Import and need to locate the .lyr file but where is it ?

I have googled this and found nothing.

I have now no means of restoring my layer situation.

Wish I had not trusted in it and done a printscreen now !


Unless you actively exported it, it’s not stored anywhere on on your hard disk… It’s stored in your Rhino file - assuming you saved the file after having created the layer states. If it’s not in there, then something went wrong somewhere…

For safekeeping or reuse with other files, you can export the layer states, that should produce a .lay file wherever you decide to put it - you get the standard file save dialog when you hit Export from the layer state manager.